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MF634 Humusoft Multifunction I/O-Card
with Incremental Encoder Inputs

The MF634 is a multifunction I/O card offering most of the functions required in process control or measurement applications. MF634 offers A/D conversion, D/A conversion, digital input, digital output, quadrature encoder input, timers, counters, PWM, pulse and frequency measurements. The card contains eight 14-bit analog input channels with simultaneous sample & hold circuit and very short conversion time, eight 14-bit analog output channels, eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs, four encoder inputs with differential line receivers and four counters/timers. Encoders and counters are 32-bit wide. MF634 has 32-bit architecture for maximum performance. Analog inputs and outputs offer bipolar ranges +/-10 V which suits most measurement and control applications.
The card is designed for standard data acquisition and control applications and optimized for use with the Real Time Toolbox for MATLAB®. Because of the small size and low power consumption MF634 can be used not only in the desktop computers but also in portable computers and notebooks with docking station.

  • Eight single-ended 14-bit analog input channels
  • Eight 14-bit analog output channels
  • Fast conversion rate
  • 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs
  • Four quadrature encoder inputs (single ended or differential)
  • Four counters/timers
  • Low power consumption
  • Driver for Simulink Desktop Real-Time
  • Driver for Simulink Real-Time
  • Driver for Microsoft Windows, 32 and 64 bit C programming
  • Driver for Mac OS X
  • DC voltage measurement
  • Transducer and sensor interfacing
  • Vibration and transient analysis
  • Process monitoring and control
  • Waveform acquisition and analysis
  • Multichannel data acquisition
  • Real-time simulation
  • Programmable voltage output
  • Position measurements
  • Servo systems
  • PWM
  • Frequency measurements
  • Time measurements
  • Pulse/frequency generation
  • Pulse counting


Analog Input

  • Channels: 8 single-ended
  • A/D converter: 14-bit, simultaneous sampling
  • Conversion time:
    1.6 µs 1 channel,
    1.9 µs 2 channels,
    2.5 µs 4 channels,
    3.7 µs 8 channels
  • Input range: +/-10 V
  • Input impedance: 1010 Ohm
  • Trigger mode: software, timer, external

Analog Output

  • Channels: 8 channels, 14-bit
  • Output Range: +/-10 V
  • Output current: 5 mA max.
  • Settling time: 31 µs FS change to +/- 1/2 LSB

Digital I/O

  • Input lines: 8, TTL compatible
  • Output lines: 8, TTL compatible


  • No. of channels: 4
  • Timer resolution: 32 bit, 20 ns
  • Modes: PWM, counter, pulse generation

Encoder Inputs

  • Input channels: 4, single ended or differential
  • Inputs: A, B, Index
  • Input frequency: max 2.5 MHz
  • Resolution: 32 bit


  • Power consumption:
    400 mA @ +5 V,
    700 mA @
    +12 V,
  • Operating temperature:
    0 to 50°C (32 to 140°F)
  • Connector: 2 x DB-37F
  • Interface: PCI Express x1

Order Information

  • MF634 PC adapter card:
    Prod. Number PCA 903
  • TB620 Terminal card with cables:
    Prod. Number Opt. 903-01
  • Adapter board to connect the MF634 to the 50 pol. DSUB connection of former amira lab experiments:
    Prod. Number Opt. 903-02
  • 2 cables for MF634 (37 pol. DSUB connector):
    Prod. Number Opt. 903-03
Technical data are subject to change (Date 12-December-2015)