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Upgrades for former amira Laboratory Setups

Upgrades are required:

  • If a new PC with PCIe slots is connected to the laboratory setup
  • If the PC operating system is changed from 16 bit
    to 32 bit (WINDOWS 7-10)

We offer an upgrade package containing

  • A/D - D/A card for PC with PCIe slot
  • Digital controller programm running under Windows 7-10
  • The C++ source code of the controller program

Upgrades are available for the following former amira laboratory setups:

  • DTS200 Three-Tank-System
  • DR300 Speed Control with variable load
  • MA400/401 Magnetic Suspension
  • BW500 Ball and Beam
  • PS600 Position Control
  • PS600 Inverted Pendulum
  • PS600 Tandem Pendulum
  • PS600 Loading Bridge
  • LTR701 Airstream and Temperature Control Plant

For more information, or to receive an official quotation, please feel free to contact us: