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MS40 Magnetic Suspension

The laboratory setup "MS40 Magnetic Suspension" embodies the technical implementation of a non-linear, unstable, single-variable system. It consists of a metal body, which hovers freely, an electromagnet as the actuator and a comprehensive electronic control system.

The nonlinear, unstable controlled member is a freely hovering metal body which is held at the highest point by an electromagnet. The position of the metal body, corresponding to the distance between the body and the magnet, is measured by an inductive distance sensor (LVDT = Linear Variable Differential Transformer) and is passed to the controller as the actual value. The controller passes the actuating signal to the control member which then provides the required change of position. The position setpoint can be varied in the range 0-5mm.

In the standard version the MS40 Laboratory Setup is supplied with a special analog controller. The controller is integrated as an operational amplifier circuit together with the necessary electronics in a 19" housing. Basic control principles can be demonstrated with the standard version. It can be shown that the unstable system can be stabilized by the application of a suitable controller. Furthermore, the effect of the control parameters on the behaviour of the system (disturbance/setpoint step response) can be impressively displayed.

System variables such as the position, external control signal, current (monitored) and analog setpoint are directly accessible at the measurement outputs. In addition by means of a switch the control signal is connectable to an arbitrary external controller like an analog controller or a PC with an A/D-D/A-converter-card. The documentation includes sections for assembly and start-up, the theoretical background, the description of the system with the mathematical model of the plant, the technical data, background of the PIDT controller as well as the guidelines for the practical course with solutions. The MS40 Laboratory Setup is therefore suitable for teaching and demonstration purposes in all fields of control engineering.

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