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MS40 Magnetic Suspension

Plant of the Magnetic Suspension

The mechanical setup includes the electromagnet, the freely floating axis with ferrit core, the distance sensor (LVDT = Linear Variable Differential Transformer) and the accompanying mounting rack for the components. The electromagnet, driven by the controller, can change the position of the axis. This change is measured by the distance sensor and fed back to the controller. The mechanical setup, apart the iron yoke and the iron core, is mainly made of aluminium and is therefore not magnetic. The electrical connections of the sensor and of the coil are located at the back of the mounting rack. From there the connection to the actuator uses a flexible lead.

Dimension Sizes and
Weight of the System:
  • Length 210 mm
  • Width 210 mm
  • Height 420 mm
  • Weight 5,5 kg
  • Control coil 0 ... 700mA
  • Supply voltage
    sensor electronic

The complete electronic setup to control the magnetic suspension is located inside a 19’’ housing (Length 475mm x depth 320mm x height 155 mm, weight 8 Kg ). Among others it consists of the analog controller, the amplifier for the control coil and the power supplies.

Mains connection:
  • Input voltage 230 V
  • Mains frequency 50 Hz
  • Consumption 50 VA
  • Primary fuse (2x) 500 mA
Inputs amplifier
  • Supply voltage ± 15V, + 35 V
  • Control signal 0 ... 10 V
    adjustable by switch :
    • internal analog
    • external from BNCsocket No. 1 or 37-pol. D-SUB connector
  • Offset input with disturbance step
Outputs amplifier
  • Current for control coil 0 ... 700 mA with amplification 100 mA/V
  • BNC-socket No. 2 Current Monitor 10 V/A
Inputs analog controller
  • Supply voltage ± 15 V
  • Actual position ± 10 V
  • Setpoint position 0 ... 5 mm (adjustable by potentiometer, ± 10V)
  • Offset setpoint and ± 0,5 mm setpoint step (selectable by switch and potentiometer or BNC socket No. 3 extern)
Outputs analog controller
  • Control signal ± 10 V
  • BNC-socket No. 5 Setpoint analog controller ± 10 V

External controller (Option 40-02)
A/D-D/A-card and executable controller program for a PC with PCIe slot running with WINDOWS (for WINDOWS 7-10). The PIDT controller is configurable.

Controller C-source (Opt. 40-03)
The controller program from Option 40-02 in C++-source with libraries for graphic output, controlling the sampling period as well as controlling the PC adapter card requires the Embarcadero C++ Builder V10.

Technical data are subject to change (Date 4-December-2017)