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BB50 Ball and Beam

The laboratory experimental setup "Ball and Beam" contains the technical realization of a nonlinear plant together with an actuator and a digital controller using observer based state feedback.

The nonlinear plant is represented by a ball laying on a beam with an adjustable angle. The ball can roll upon the beam within a distance of 1m. By a toothed belt, a toothed wheel and a clutch mounted on the shaft of a DC-motor the beam can be driven such that the ball is stabilized at a preassigned position. The stabilization of the ball is accomplished by a digital controller. Based on measurements, the controller generates a suitable signal, which controls the DC-motor by an electronic servo amplifier. The measurements are the angle of the beam obtained by an incremental encoder and the ball position obtained by a CCD-camera. The system is ready to operate after connecting to the electronic actuator. All the moving parts are covered by transparent plexiglass.
In a standard version the experimental setup BB50 includes the mechanical setup as well as a 19" casing which contains the servo amplifier for the DC-motor, the signal adaption unit as well as power supplies. The documentation of the laboratory setup Ball and Beam includes sections for assembly and start-up, the technical data, the theoretical background and the mathematical model of the plant.

The Option 50-06 contains a colour monitor suitable for display of the camera image and for service. The monitor will be delivered with a power supply and a connection cable to the actuator.

Technical data are subject to change (Date 9-March-2024)