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PC60 Inverted Pendulum

The laboratory experimental setup “Inverted Pendulum” contains the technical realization of an unstable plant together with an actuator. The laboratory setup is based on the plant “Position Control PC60”.

The basic system includes an actuator as well as the mechanical setup (PC60) with a premounted pendulum extension kit (Option 60-20). The plant is represented by a revolving pendulum mounted on top of a moving base. By a three-phase synchronous drive, a toothed wheel, a toothed belt and a clutch, the moving base can be driven along a guiding bar over a length of approximately 1.5m such that the pendulum is stabilized in upright position at a preassigned position. The stabilization of the pendulum is accomplished by a digital controller. Based on measurements, the controller generates a suitable signal which controls the integrated electronics of the synchronous drive. The measurements are the pendulum angle and the cart position obtained by incremental encoders. The documentation includes sections for assembly and start-up, the technical data, the theoretical background with the mathematical model of the plant, practical instructions as well as solutions of the experiments.

Technical data are subject to change (Date 9-March-2024)