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Adapter Box V2 for
TS21 Tank-System

Adapter Box V2 with converter electronics to
connect the control valves for
Systems to a PC.

The task of the Adapter Box with converter electronics is to convert a digital TTL-signal to the power signal (24VDC/1A) for the motor of the control valve, to generate a digital signal for the right and the left limit of the valve and to map the potentiometer output to a voltage range of -10V...+10V.

The Adapter Box consists of a 19“ housing with 2 power supplies (24VAC/6A and +/-15VDC, +5VDC) as well as 6 independant converter electronics. For the new version 2 of the adapter box a software extension is available, which allows the exact positioning of the control valves. To this end, the controller program from Opt. 21-02DAC of the laboratory experiment „TS21 Tank- System“ is extended by the software module for positioning the control valves.

Opt. 21-04 includes the extension of the controller program (requires Opt. 21-02DAC). When using the Adapter Box V2, the Tank-System is connected to the Adapter Box with a 37pol. DSUB cable. The connection to the PC-adapter card is provided by a 37-polar DSUB connector on the rear panel of the Adapter Box.

An electrical control valve can easily be connected with its special cable to the corresponding socket on the front panel of the Adapter Box. One switch is located on each panel section of the converter electronics for the operation mode with PC (automatic) and manual mode (open/close). 4 LEDs indicate that the valve is completely closed/opened and the direction of rotation of the motor (right/left).

Order Codes

As accessory for the laboratory experiment “TS21 Tank-System”:
Opt. 21-04 Software extension to control the electrical control valves (requires Opt. 21-02DAC, Opt. 21-07, Opt. 21-09)
Opt. 21-09 Adapter Box for up to 6 control valves

Technical data are subject to change (Date 18-December-2018)