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TS21 Tank-System

The laboratory experiment "TS21 Tank System" contains
the technical implementation of a nonlinear, single-variable system (one input variable and one output variable), an actuator for the pump and, as standard, an
analog controller (nonlinear controller).

The nonlinear controlled member consists of a plexiglass cylinder T of cross-sectional area A. The liquid (distilled water) flowing from T is collected in a reservoir from which the pump supplies the tank T.
A process pressure transmitter is located on the tank to measure the height of the liquid level. An analog controller controls the volume flow rate Q of the pump such that the liquid level in the tank T remains constant. In addition the tank is fitted with a continually variable manual valve to simulate a leak.
Furthermore the basic version of the laboratory experiment already contains a USB interface for the transmission of control and measurement signals via a PC or Laptop. All signals may also be accessed via a 37 pol. DSUB connector. By means of a switch on the rear
panel of the actuator the desired interface is to be selected.

The associated documentation contains appropriate instructions for the installation, the theoretical background of the plant, operating instructions for the analog controller, the technical data, guidelines for a practical course and solutions. This standard version is therefore suitable as a practical experiment for students in all stages of control engineering.

As extension for the laboratory experiment "Tank-System TS21" the following options are available:

  • Option 21-07 Electrical control valve with potentiometer output.

  • Option 21-09 Adapter Box to connect the control valves (Opt. 21-07) to a PC.

There are separate data sheets available for the options 21-07 and -09.

Technical data are subject to change (Date 9-March-2024)