TTS20 Three-Tank-System
with Flow Sensor

One of our German customers ordered a Three-Tank-System with an extra flow sensor. The flow sensor should be mounted at the nominal outflow on the right side of the system. The standard actuator had to be modified so that the sensor signal is provided as analog voltage output at the 37pol DSUB socket on the rear panel of the actuator.

We implemented the magnetic flowmeter SDI 852/1 GAPP of the German company EGE-Elektronik GmbH. The working range is 0 … 40 l/min with a measurement error less than 2%. In order to install the flowmeter at the system, the standard length had to be increased by 23,5 cm. The extension of the system could be realized at almost no extra costs on customer’s side. The standard actuator had been extended by an additional power supply for the flow sensor and a signal adaption of current sensor signal.