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Electrical Control Valves for
TTS20 Three-Tank-System

The electrical control valves are deliverable for the laboratory experiment "TTS20 Three-Tank-System". They will replace the manual adjustable valves between the tanks or the drain valves. The standard valves can be removed radially and will be changed without any problems by the electrical control valves. A manual operation is possible by switch. The delivery contains a special connection cable to connect the electrical control valve to the Adapter Box.

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The control valves are optionally delivered with a special potentiometer output so that a precise control of the valve position is possible.

Note: The control valves are delivered for customized purposes. The electronic as well as the software of the laboratory experiment don't support the functionality of the control valves.

Technical Data Actuator:

  • Voltage : +24 V
  • Current : 1 A
  • Working angle : 90°
  • Working time : 11 s
  • Protection IP 65
  • Weight: 1,6 kg
  • Amb. temperature: -20 ... +70 °C
  • Electr. connectors DIN43650/ ISO4400 & C192
  • Potentiometer output 5 k

Technical Data Valve :

  • Nominal diameter : 10 mm
  • Nominal pressure : 16 Bar
    (at 20 °C)
Further Technical Features :
  • Electronic torque limiting
  • Additional limit switch contacts
  • Visual position indicator
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Assembly ISO 5211 F-05

Order Codes :
Opt. 20-07a Electrical control valve as coupling valve with potentiometer output for TTS20

Opt. 20-07b Electrical control valve as drain valve with potentiometer output for TTS20

Technical data are subject to change (Date 15-December-2015)